When a family member passes away, you might find yourself inheriting a significant amount of gold jewelry, among other items. While it's enjoyable to go through the selection and set aside the pieces that you'll enjoy wearing, the reality is that not all of the pieces will suit your sense of style. It might be nice to consider giving these pieces to family or friends, but you could also end up with some items that you'll plan to sell. Here are some strategies that you can consider when you're ready to sell.

Seek Out Some Jewelry Stores

A viable option for selling your gold jewelry is to see if there's any interest in your items from your local jewelry stores. Focus specifically on custom jewelers who make jewelry on site, rather than chain stores that are simply retailers. Custom jewelry makers won't necessarily buy and resell your items, but may be interested in buying them to melt down the gold to use in future projects. This approach can be favorable if you don't want to go through a negotiation about the sale price; the jeweler will show you the current value of gold, by weight, weigh your items and then offer you the according amount.

Have A Jeweler Appraise The Items

If you plan to sell your gold jewelry with the help of an online classified site, you can improve the likelihood of making a sale by having a jeweler give each item an official appraisal. There are plenty of unscrupulous sellers and counterfeit items on such websites, so having an official certificate from a reputable expert in the industry can add a significant amount of credibility to your listing. Many jewelers charge a small fee for this service, but if you've been a good customer of a local shop in the past, it's possible that the jeweler might appraise your items for free.

Meet The Buyer At A Jewelry Shop

If you've had your gold jewelry appraised by a jeweler and you've listed the item for sale, you can request that any prospective buyers meet you at the jewelry shop for the sale. Many jewelers will offer this service, too. This will allow the buyer to ask any questions to the jeweler about the authenticity of your item. Additionally, if you're concerned about the safety of selling a high-value item to a stranger, you can breathe easy because jewelry shops have surveillance cameras, which can be safer than meeting the person at your home, for example.

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