Once you decide to buy a house, you will more than likely want to jump immediately into action and get going. However, if you aren't experienced in buying homes then there are many things you should learn before you head out on your buying journey. This short guide will be of use to you, as it will inform you of some things you should do and the process itself.

Become informed – As soon as you do know the time has come to try buying a home, you can begin learning on your own. Start looking at homes for sale online, so you get a better idea of the prices and what's out there. Don't fall in love with any homes at this point, you aren't prepared to act quickly enough to have a good chance of getting the home before someone else does, especially if it is a home that has just hit the market.

Get an agent you can work well with – You want to get an agent to work with that understands your wants, needs, and situation. You should get the feeling that it is a good match and feel as if you can see the two of you working well together to get you into a home you can love for many years to come. The agent will get you started down the right track and make sure you know what your next step is throughout the process. For example, they will let you know that getting preapproval will be your next step and probably suggest a lender they feel is a good match for you.

Work with the lender – In some cases, you can get pre-approved fast, as long as you have everything the lender needs, you meet all the necessary requirements and you have a workable credit score. However, there are times when getting preapproval can take a long time. This can happen if there are things you need to work on to raise your credit score or if you need to meet the employment qualification which is generally two years. Many listing agents won't even want to have one of their homes shown to you if you aren't already prequalified.

Work closely with the realtor – Make sure your realtor knows the best contact methods, so they can contact you right away if they should see the perfect house come up in their new listings. If you see you missed a call from them, call them back immediately! Work with your realtor, letting them know your real thoughts on homes you decide to pass on, so they can gather an even clearer picture of exactly what it is that you want. If you downplay your dislikes, then they may continue showing you homes that won't truly give you the things you want.

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