VA home loans have helped millions of military service members and veterans become homeowners since the program's creation at the end of the second World War. Yet many home buyers with the proper military qualifications to use this loan program may have avoided doing so due to being unsure about how it works. If you count yourself as one of the prospective buyers who need more information about VA loan services, the following information can help. 

How does a VA home loan process work? 

Just like other home loans, a VA home loan works best when the prospective home buyer takes the time to apply and become approved for the loan before beginning to view homes for sale. Lenders, mortgage brokers, or VA loan service reps who are approved to offer VA home loans will take your application and then verify your personal data, financial information, and military qualifications. If approved for the loan, you will be given a loan limit amount to help guide your home shopping experience. 

Once you have selected a home, made an offer, and received an acceptance from the seller, the home will undergo a VA appraisal and home inspection, much the same as some other types of home loans. If no issues are found with the property, title, or loan, you will soon close and become a homeowner. 

Unique features of the VA home loan

While the process is very similar to any other home loan, VA mortgages do have some unique features that set them apart and make them a beneficial option for a variety of buyers, including: 

  • the fact that properly qualified buyers who have valid VA entitlement documentation can use the VA home loan program more than once
  • there is no requirement for expensive private mortgage interest (PMI) payments  
  • there is no prepayment penalty 
  • VA loans are often available even when the applicant has had a foreclosure or bankruptcy

One of the most attractive features of the VA home loan is that it does not require a down payment and the closing costs can often be rolled into the loan amount, allowing qualified buyers to purchase a home with little or no money out of pocket. 

To learn more and get helpful answers to your questions about the VA home loan program, prospective buyers should make an appointment to speak with a reputable VA home loan services representative. These lenders will help buyers verify their military qualifications for the VA home loan program and assist them throughout the application, approval, and buying transaction process.