If the time has come where you need to purchase a car, but you do not have the cash on hand to purchase one, you will need to secure financing. Thankfully, there are plenty of auto loan options that will accommodate your specific needs. 

Dealer Financing

You don't have to turn to a bank to get a mortgage for your car. You can actually secure financing through the dealer in many cases. One of the advantages of dealer financing is that they are much more flexible with the credit requirements for borrowers. You may end up paying more in interest as a result, but you can actually get a loan in the end. The dealer is more willing to take on customers with bad credit because they are making money on the sale of the car and the interest that you pay, so there is more opportunity for a bigger profit. 

However, be aware that sometimes dealers offer to finance to you as a customer, but you are actually receiving a loan from a traditional lender. They are requesting the loan on your behalf, and in exchange, the dealer will charge you a slightly higher interest rate for their troubles. 

Bank Financing

Banks are the place that most people turn to for an auto loan. Many people love that a bank will pre-approve them for a loan, so they know the price range for cars that they should be looking at. The more strict credit requirements also mean that you can get a better interest rate as a result. Banks are going to be competing for your business and the rates will reflect that when comparing loans. 

Getting a loan from a bank also does not come with any pressure to make a purchase. They'll be strictly focused on your loan if you need one, and not make you feel like you have to buy a car or spend a certain amount on one. This can make the financing aspect of purchasing a car more relaxed for some people. 

Lease Buyout

Another option is to lease a car with the option to buy it out at the end of the terms of the lease. This can be a great choice if you are not sure what kind of car you want right away. You can try out a car with a lease that has a monthly payment and either return the vehicle or decide to keep it with the buyout option.

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