When you have charges pending against you and the judge sets a bail amount, coming up with that kind of cash is almost impossible for many people. Even when you can come up with your whole bail amount, tying up that amount of money can be a hardship for you or your family. By working with bail bondsmen, you can secure your release from jail when you can pay the roughly 10% bail bond fee and you have enough collateral to cover the amount of your total bond. The collateral you use can be a combination of cash, property that is owned by you or another person, life insurance policies, and anything of value your bond company will accept.

Get Out of Jail Quickly

A bail bondsman is ready to bail you out of jail whenever the need arises. When you own property, such as a car or a home, these can be used as collateral to secure your release. While you will pay the 10% fee to the bond company, this is all the cash you have to come up with in order to get out of jail quickly. You can continue working and living your life while you wait for your court date.

Collateral Can Be Owned by Anyone

If you have a friend or family member that trusts you, they might be willing to put up some property as collateral to secure your release through a bail bond. As long as you show up for your court date, nothing happens to the collateral and it is released back to the owner free and clear. You can use a combination of collateral owned by you and others when you are trying to come up with enough to meet your bail amount.

If You Miss Court

Skipping court is never a good idea. If you miss your court date, you can lose collateral that you put up to secure your bail bond. The whole point of bail is to make sure you get to court on the day you are scheduled. If you miss your court date, you can end up getting your bail revoked or have a much higher amount put into place.

When you are in jail waiting for your next court date, it's time to see how bail bonds services can help. You can get out of jail for the bond fee and won't have to tie up all of your assets to do so.